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This project was created in collaboration with Data Act Lab and Lapidus Interactive.

In 2004, the Center for Global Develoment (CGD), a think tank based in Washington D.C., convened global health and development experts to determine what works in global health.

The result of these efforts was the Millions Saved initiative. "Millions Saved: Proven Successes in Global health" was published as a book featuring 17 successful large-scale efforts to improve health in developing countries.

For its third edition, we were tasked to create a custom website highlighting 22 successful cases in global health.

Custom interactive pictogram to showcase impact of a health programme in Kenya.

A custom map showing program location.

The Millions Saved website is centered around 10 main case studies. To bring these stories to life, we focused on a combination of text, images, videos, custom illustrations, shareable quotes, as well as more complex interactive charts and maps.

The user can get an overview of all the case studies by viewing them as a list, grid, or on a map.

Each case study is structured into sections detailing the program rollout, its impact, the cost, as well as the reasons for success and the broader implications.

We created a unique visualisation for each case study to showcase the impact of each program.

A thematic map visualisation on the decline of meningitis cases over time.

In addition to a central interactive visualisation, each case study features a number of smaller custom illustrations and infographics aimed at explaining key concepts and takeaways.

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