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The user can select a state to see data for individual weather stations.

In November 2019 we partnered with HERE Technologies to create a map that tracks the amount of daily snowfall throughout December across the US.

Weather stations showing recorded amount of snowfall in Colorado on 16 December 2019.

The goal was to update the map daily throughout December with new data from Global Historical Climate Network weather stations across the US , and to allow users to compare the amount of snowfall across days and previous years.

To do this, we scraped the source data including the amount of recorded snowfall at weather stations across the US every day as of November, and filled in historic snowfall data for December 2016 through 2018. We then stored, managed, and queried the geographic data with HERE XYZ. This enabled us to easily query relevant data based on bounding box coordinates and tags in order to reduce the amount of data points rendered at any given time.

At a country level we also used hexagonal binning in order to make the snowfall trends more apparent.

Some of the cards showing data for individual weather stations.

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