z creative labs is a small creative studio working at the intersection of design, code, and data visualization. 

Richard Zimerman

Front end software engineer

Cristina Poiata

Front end software engineer



Design is the process through which an idea turns into a product. We like to design using code to prototype early and iterate quickly. By combining design tools and code we can test out ideas and design interactive interfaces from the start.

Our approach combines beautiful aesthetics, delightful interactions, and a focus on accessibility to deliver beautiful digital products. We speak the same language as software engineers to ensure a smooth collaboration.


UI design

Design systems

User experience




Robust engineering is the foundation of any great digital product. We work with the React ecosystem including Node.js, Gatsby.js, Next.js and GraphQL to build performant and secure websites and applications.

Our cross-disciplinary skills allow us to bridge the gap between design and code and take your product from idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and beyond as quickly as possible.

Full-stack development

API design

App development

Open source software

Data visualization

One of the key goals of data visualisation is to communicate information effectively. We craft custom interactive visualisations to tell complex information in an engaging and intuitive way. Together, we can identify the unique opportunities depending on the nature of your data, and choose a tailored approach that best suits your communication goals.

We work with a variety of data visualisation formats, from dashboards and scrollyteling stories to map-based application and gamified experiences and carefully choose the one best suited to communicate data in an effective and engaging way.

Data driven storytelling

Data driven design

Web maps


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